The second key to peace is to strip the profits out of wars.

SLIDE – We can end wars

Wars will end when we make them unprofitable. Right now, because there is so much money to be made, those in charge of wars have no incentive for them to stop.

SLIDE – Triangle

We can see this in action within the US government, where there is a revolving door between top defense industry executives and lobbyists who routinely land important government posts. This gives them direct influence over military contracts and spending policies… and what do you think they do with this power?
Clearly, there a vicious cycle that has undermined democracy, creating a state where the legitimacy of endless wars never gets questioned.

SLIDE The military industry – planes bomb

Have you ever heard the expression – “give a man a hammer and soon everything looks like a nail?” The same thing happens when institutions spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually to develop and build weapons… pretty soon even the flimsiest rationale can grow into enough reason to unleash the dogs of war.

SLIDE – CARTOON dogs of war

They (and all those in their circles) want more profits, meaning they want more wars… so they will continue wars without justification, they will even undermine budding democracies in order to destabilize entire regions, stirring up proverbial hornets’ nests, all to ensure the next generation of conflict.

What can be especially sinister, is how the war-industry (and the global establishment in general) have intentionally been keeping humans divided. They keep us separated by nations, political ideologies, cultures, religions, whatever they can find – fork vs spoon, coke vs pepsi. They keep us apart and segmented because a united and cooperating human race is a grave threat to the military’s existence. How can there be more wars when there are no more enemies to fight?

SLIDE – How can we defund… GAVEL

This makes it imperative that profits be removed from wars for them to cease. So, what can we do strip the money away from the war industry?
Well, do you remember how Big Tobacco finally got sued for over 200 billion dollars for all the cancer and death they enabled upon humankind – damages they knowingly inflicted? For year and years, they denied their culpability for the harms they enabled, but eventually the hammer came down.

SLIDE – Class action lawsuits -bombed out town

We need to do the same for any institution found to be culpable for the wars we continue to see plaguing our world. Using class action lawsuits – The world vs the war-machine – We can track these actors down and sue them for the damages they continue to inflict upon us. I’m talking defense contractors, weapons manufacturers, war-hawk politicians – these entities made billions in profits from human bloodshed, and they need to be held liable.

A defense of “Oh, we didn’t know our bombs would be used to blow up that wedding party” as akin to the tobacco lobby’s saying “oh, we didn’t know inhaling known carcinogens would be bad for you”

Of course, it may be difficult to pin these entities down – at least not without a significant shift in the global consciousness – because our governments (and the mainstream media) are so deeply in bed with the war industry.

SLIDE – Eisenhower

Like we just discussed, there is a vicious cycle which has thoroughly undermined democracy. 60 years ago in his Farewell Address, Eisenhower warned us all about the growing threat of the military industrial complex… which sadly was never heeded.

Today, politicians still readily receive campaign contributions from Defense contractors. In regular society, they are called bribes. For example, in the US in 2019 alone, defense industry lobbyists spent over 110 million dollars – money they invested to ensure more defense spending. In 2020, members of congress received over 30 million in donations from the war industry, split evenly among the two parties.
These bought and paid for politicians go on to sign off on more wars and reward the juiciest contracts to their benefactors. And the mainstream media does nothing but cheerlead the next endless war.

SLIDE – By working together – crowd!

Fortunately, like we discussed in the previous section, we are on the verge of unleashing tools that will spread a permanent democracy around the globe – one that resists the corrupting influence of big money – meaning we will finally close the revolving door between governments and the war industry.

SLIDE It wont be easy

Soon, humankind we will have the power to strip away the financial incentives leading us to war, and usher in a world of peace.

SLIDE – Prosper as a species

The 3rd key step for achieving World Peace is for Humans to prosper as a species. Again, similar to how we have already been unifying, we’ve also already been prospering, and this trend just needs to continue, and our ever-increasing wealth needs to reach people everywhere.
Up next are two graphs which demonstrate two amazing facts that we rarely hear about from the mainstream media:

SLIDE Graph 1

1. The world today is the most prosperous it has ever been

SLIDE Graph 2

2. The world today is the most peaceful it has ever been

SLIDE – Pic of poor kid

We are, right now, the most peaceful and prosperous humans that have ever lived since the dawn of humankind. The fact that our world is the most peaceful AND the most prosperous is not a coincidence. The two are related because War and poverty are so deeply intertwined.
Never-ending wars leave entire populations destitute, surrounded by suffering and poverty. And when people grow up and live in such abject poverty, they are much more likely to take up arms.
But when people live comfortable lives with basic security… they’re become far less inclined to fight and die for somebody else’s cause.
This is why the 3rd key for World Peace is for us to Prosper as a species. For as long segments of the world’s population grow up in extreme poverty, conditions will be ripe for wars to exist.

SLIDE These trillions

In 2020, The world put nearly 2 Trillion dollars towards military spending. Just imagine how much good this money could have done:
 Solutions and programs for ending global poverty – prevent more people from becoming the next generation of combatant.
 Non-violent ways to resolve long-standing conflicts
 Reparations to the victims of war and their families
 Comprehensive Veteran Support – so heart-breaking to see brave people get abandoned by the system they sacrificed so much to.

SLIDE – Keys for World Peace

So, to recap our presentation here today, once again, here are the 3 keys to attaining World Peace, which we defined as being the end of institutionally organized warfare:
• Fostering a united humanity that relies on a fair and working form of democratic self-governance, for all people in all countries of the world
• Removing the financial incentives which drive us towards war
• Channeling our resources towards improving our world instead of blowing it up.

SLIDE – Snowball

The key steps to achieving world peace represent huge undertakings. But we humans are capable of tremendous feats! We’ve gone from flying the first plane on earth to flying the first drone on mars, in a little over a hundred years.

SLIDE – Humans are amazing

For centuries, the vast majority of humans have wanted peace. Only now, at this very point in human history, do we actually have the tools to make World Peace a reality. Do not be fooled by the pro-war propaganda, war is not inevitable. Within the next few years, this will all unfold, and as we will see, Human are entirely capable of existing in a world of peace, once it arrives.

Before we open it up for questions, let me just mention how any of you can help manifest Peace on Earth.

You can visit, there’s a link to our discord if you like to get involved with our mission, which is to spread the message to millions of people that World Peace is now finally possible.

SLIDE- You can help

Another thing you can do is to talk to those around you about the reality of world peace. Friends, family, anyone who will listen.

Look, I know, the idea of World Peace can almost seem like a comical notion, like a laughably quaint, lost dream from a time forgotten. Sure, the drums of world peace have been beaten before to no avail, but now things have changed. Here in 2021 we have incredible new powers in all of our hands, and we now have reasons to be beacons of hope to all those around us.

Be hopeful, everyone!

SLIDE- Thank you

Thank you everyone for joining us today and for sharing our message of peace.

We will now open up for questions, comments.

[tough question – give it more thought – join our discord, get in touch, continue conversation there]
[If their question is super negative, or why I am totally wrong, etc… they are welcome to leave and form their own event about why world peace is possible. Here, we start with the belief that it is possible, and discussions are designed to strengthen and build towards that goal.]

Uniting as species, spreading democracy to the planet, channeling our resources into ending poverty and fostering peace… clearly, these

Start a dialogue – Talk to your friends and family – with anyone who will listen – about how we are on the verge of attaining World Peace.


Our goal is to spread the message to millions of people that world peace is now possible, because having millions & billions on board will be crucial for World Peace to manifest. Find us online at please join our discord. We have more events planned, and we are looking to grow our team, so please connect with us.

SLIDE – Thank you… any questions?

SLIDE – Now is the time

The time for world peace is now. The only reason humankind hasn’t risen up against the war industry is because we haven’t had all of the necessary tools… until now!
World Peace has not been possible until this very moment in human history!!!
We are the ones we have been waiting for!

Fundamentally altering the way our global political and economic systems function for the betterment of all may seem like a daunting task. But not only is it possible, it is already happening. As long enough of us become aware of this, and as long we keep progressing forward together, world peace will soon be upon us.

So be hopeful!

SLIDE – Batman Corporatism

The war industry’s influence over the government is a smaller part of a larger issue – which is big money’s influence over politics… many nation’s economies now run a bastardized version of capitalism called corporatism, where the laws and taxes and the system in general all get skewed to benefit multinational corporations (and humans end up being treated like disposable cogs in the machine).