“With our virtual reality Firefighter Training Simulator, we are able to facilitate a vast array of skills and experiences that otherwise may not be covered in a typical recruit class or in daily drill sessions. The military and aviation industry has been utilizing simulators for years and it has proven to be a vital component for development as practical revolutions are very time consuming and inefficient with Training Officer’s time. The potential of virtual reality is limitless and this simulator will propel us into the future with advanced training for all ranks.”

– Jonathan Hunter, Director of the Fire & Rescue Academy, City of Winnipeg

Virtual Reality Firefighter Training Simulator

Training simulators offer a low risk, low cost way for firefighters to learn new skills and brush up on old skills, no matter if you are training independently or part of a team. Whether you’re a probie or tested vet, our RV Training Simulators have something to offer for you. Realistic virtual reality environments, intuitive body-tracked controllers, and an expanding library of in-depth training exercises gives you an effective way to supplement your training range.

Training in Virtual Reality feels very much like the real world… the skills you learn carry to the training grounds and the hot zone!


  • Walk around the virtual world by walking around the real world
  • Use hand controllers to intuitively interact with the virtual world
  • In-sim skillsheets show real time pass/fail feedback
  • Speech recognition lets you use your own voice to interact
  • Use a virtual tablet to get directions and assign tasks to firefighter crews

Train a range of skills:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Pump Ops
  • I.C. Scene Size-Up
  • Passenger Vehicle Fire
  • Interior Fire Attack
  • Main Control Valves
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Rope and Tool
  • Hydrants
  • Sprinklers
  • Conservation of Air
  • Radio Communications
  • Emergency Lighting
  • PPE Buddy Checks

More skills are in development – ask us about our Paramedic Packages!

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Made By Firefighters, For Firefighters.

Why Buy a Simulator?

Virtual Reality has changed form an interesting computer toy to an amazing tool for firefighter action training.

Why Your Fire Department Deserves a Training Simulator: Saving Lives of Lifesavers

By Rick Dickinson

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Informational Videos

Virtually There Training presents… The Hot Zone Firefighter Training Simulator!

Walk around the virtual world with your own feet, interact using your hands and motion controllers, and use your own voice to issue commands! Train in a range of exercises.

Virtually There Training Presents: Firefighter Training Simulator.

Learn and sharpen your firefighting skills in a low risk, low cost realistic environment. There has never been a better time for you and your community to gain from the many benefits of having your very own simulator.

Virtually There Training presents Firefighting Simulators in VR!

Firefighting can be a dangerous profession, even when training. Our simulators develop the same skills as traditional methods, but without the same risks. Plus, when when you are done training, there’s no mess to clean, no exposure to carcinogens, and no polluting the environment!

Need your own customized VR training solutions? Our team can make your dream scenarios into a reality!

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System Information

Our Simulator runs on Wireless All-in-One Headsets, meaning there are no cables, no external computers needed.  You can also stream to an external device like a smart phone or TV.