Successful SIMAD Show!

2024-05-20T08:03:02-05:00Blog, Media, News|

We had an incredible time at the SIMAD Fire & Life Safety Conference in Selkirk!  Firefighters and safety educators from across Canada were wowed by our tech demo. Our cutting-edge AR/VR Firefighter Training Solutions stole the show, offering an immersive experience like no other. Attendees were particularly impressed with our passthrough AR mode, which allows users

AI Meet Firefighting! We now have ChatGPT available in our apps!

2023-06-28T15:40:59-05:00Blog, Media, News, Press| Experience the Future of Fire Safety Training Experience the future of fire safety training with our latest demo video showcasing the integration of ChatGPT Assistant into our versatile AR/VR Fire Extinguisher training simulator. Discover how augmented and virtual reality technologies revolutionize the way we learn essential fire extinguisher skills. In this video, you'll witness

Revolutionizing Firefighter Training: Testimonial from Bakersfield College

2023-06-16T09:14:13-05:00Media, News|

Bakersfield College is renowned for its comprehensive firefighter training program, dedicated to preparing the next generation of brave firefighters. In collaboration with our cutting-edge VR training system, they have taken their training to unparalleled heights. In this video, Captain Sloan and the trainees share their firsthand experiences and insights into the benefits of VR firefighter

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