There are a number of factors that come into play when you are responding to a fire in a residential or commercial structure. These factors include the nature of the fire, the number of Occupants, the structure type, the number of Occupants plus the loading type. Firefighters arrive to address a scene where only one thing is burning, a chimney fire. The first due engine arrives to find nothing showing and makes a push for it.

What will be the names of the children and the occupancy? What will be the Arson Team size and characteristics? Will they be accompanied by an officer from their department? This is not an all or none statement and will vary based on a variety of factors. Remember this incident occurred in a single family home and involved a single story structure. There is very little risk to responding to a fire in a single family.

The risk factor goes up with the number of Occupants as shown in the photo. This is not a condone of the incident or the actions of the first due truck company. This is a great example of when a single story structure can act as a mobile oven. As seen in the photo there is no smoke showing from the rear of the structure.

The smoke is coming from the rear of the structure from where the incident occurred. The risk of a mobile oven is very low as you can see from the smoke and the photo there are no victims.

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