Now, as a member of the fire service for more than twenty four years, I can tell you that the communications between crews and apparatus on the fireground is like that of a fire between companies of firefighters. Every time you respond, every time you respond on the fireground, every time you leave the apparatus behind at the scene and every time youre at the scene searching for occupants, there is constant chatter. During this constant chatter, planning, game plans are made for the incident and during searches. During searches, items such as ropes, cordons, sackes, and even live fire propane tanks are carried into the buildings in bags, one after the other, until they are searched.

During searches, nothing is searched unless there is a search warrant or unless there is a confession to be had. If there is a search warrant, then on arrival everything is searched. During a second search a third takes place and after that everything is searched.

This constant monitoring of the incident and operations by the companies allows the company commanders to know ahead of time what materials are going to be found and where they are going to put the finds. As an officer you need to keep tabs on everything that is happening on the fireground and keep tabs on everything that has happened in your department. But, some people need to know all that is happening and they need to be told when important information comes in.

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