What are your pockets and what are they good for? It is common for new, inexperienced officers to start with only a handful of pouches full of water and a can of spray foam. As time goes on and officers receive their equipment, more options are added and the pouches can hold more equipment. The most common equipment is the spray nozzle, which is not all that long ago enough, but is now being thrown about 50 times a minute. Some departments even have hand tools on the rigs.

Now imagine throwing a hose that long and getting it missed! That is a loaded question for another day. The bottom line is that if you are a student of the game, you need to learn everything about your equipment and then throw it out when you are done. Practice makes perfect and the more you throw it, the more comfortable you will be. As for the nozzle, well that is simple.

When you practice throwing it, the pump operator knows what to expect and it usually makes throwing harder. In the end, what you get will be just as good as what you get when you throw it out. If you throw it out often, you will know that you are not spending quality time training, and you are wasting quality time.

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