This is such an intense discussion point that I wanted to rip it into 3 sections so you can see the debate and see what the issues are. If you dont want to read the comments, dont read the article. Dont let it get to you.

If you want to comment, discuss, criticize, etc. then do so. That discussion point is what is important.

The article is geared towards intermediate and advanced students. I dont think any of us has a monopoly on the CTE. If you do, then maybe you are in the wrong profession. If you think that you have a monopoly on the CTE, then you are in the wrong career.

There is lots of talk in the article about what engineers think, and more importantly, what fire chiefs think. There is a lot of complimentary and negative feedback as well as some downright nasty comments. For the intermediate or advanced student, this is like watching a football team fail and then watching your buddies try to pick apart what went wrong. If you have to write about it, you are not learning.

If you are a fan, well maybe youre onto something. If youre a linebacker, safety or some other emotion based medium then Ok, I get it. If you want to comment, discuss, question, or bitch about the video and the author then DO IT. It is your duty as a firefighter to provide feedback to whoever is doing the filming, and there is a lot of it.

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