There are a lot of philosophies on what defines a career. Here is the only issue I have with all of these philosophies It does not matter one bit once the whistle blows, the fire is going somewhere, and somewhere will be your fault. It is assumed by many those of us in the business that we are going to go to an incident and handle it the way they would have handled it any other call. We are taught that each incident is unique and that each SOP has to be used as is our duty based upon the call.

I do not question the facts of each case but do you honestly believe that each time you go out the door you think, wow I hope I didnt let them down earlier this time. That was me, not the company. At my worst, I could be arrogant and say things like, well I didnt know they were such a big deal, I could care less, I had a bad experience with this call just like they did last time, I am sure it wont happen again.

At my best, I would manage a meltdown if I was given the opportunity. My entire shift would be put on the spot, I would lose my job, and most importantly I would suffer the wrath of the department. Not to mention the constant barrage of questions about what I used to do and what I dont. I seriously could not get past the interaction between Fear and Reality.

If I could, I wouldnt want to do it.

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