On August 9, 1998, three career firefighters with the City of Hempstead Fire Department were killed in a collapse while fighting a residential fire at a vacant structure. Lt. Curtis Meyran, Captain John Bellew and Firefighter Joseph Ricciolo had responded to the Hempstead Fire on 8 August for a welfare check.

During the course of the fire and welfare check, which was still active when the third alarm was dispatched, three civilians were killed and six firefighters were injured. In the days following the incident, several news agencies carried stories about the victims and the investigation. Chief Whittle talked about the importance of continuing to share the lessons learned and the value in the stories. As the years went by, other departments and agencies added their stories to the Historical Perspectives on the FireRescue.

com collection. A major component in the collection is the fireground incident number which chronicles the details of two separate fireground incidents from the seventies which reflect on the basic components of the fireground operation when operational and immediately after the incident. In this series of stories, the number of firefighters killed, the nature of the fatal injuries and the actions during the incident are based on the information from the incident reports, the public record was requested by the authors for the public release of the incident reports, the families requests for the identities of the fallen and the information regarding the survivors.

It has been a rough year for the volunteer fire service.

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