Looking over his shoulder I saw the term GOATS everywhere. Not just in the work environment, but also in the homes of active and retired law enforcement officers, including on my own department. I had a coworkerager tell me that GOATs are a hazard and that there are too many of them, by the dozens, on the fireground.

Having fought in combat with wildland for 16 years and 32 months, I can tell you that it isnt just a run thing. Ive been there myself and known rats and mice of various rats and mice, so wasnt too hard of a task, even to domesticate some. The owner of the house had recently gotten a new tenant in the condominium complex and she had her own private bath. The building has 11 units total, three communal baths, two private basins, a fivestory wood frame house, a threestory metal frame residential structure, and a twostory duplex.

The building has seven mechanical rooms, three of which are separate and each has a private bath. The parlor windows in the rear of the structure have to be broken to allow the boats to go in and out. One of the biggest problems with GOATs is the infestation in the basement.

From the moment that you open the door, these little buggers are going to start crawling all over the place. I told my coworker this is why we have to train before we can practice, and she agrees.

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