As we embark deep into the millennium and a new decade, changes are sure to occur. Sectors within our culture that have endured for years are going to be converted into firehouses. New technologies are being introduced such as GPS tracking of all incoming calls, predictive analytics and social media analysis. With each passing year, we are seeing the conversion of some old ideas into new technologies.

Traditions and values are being discarded along with the new trends. The fire service will not be able to keep up with the changes and will become marginalized within the new decade. There is a risk associated with investing in a new decade that all too often turns into a gamble. The risk is that we miss the true significance of the time period and that we are missing the opportunity to make smart decisions based on incomplete information.

I advised the founders on various strategies and tactics for social media presence and implementation in my home state of Massachusetts. During the seminar, I was able to hear firsthand the change occurring in the fire service as I had been able to witness firsthand the transformation of the departments I worked with in the previous decade. I also was able to share my experiences of dealing with the legacy issues from previous administrations.

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