At least six members of Congressmen have died while participating in training, officially the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations National Fire Academy. This years fire academy, run by the U.S. Fire Administration, is one of the largest fire service academies in the nation.

Up to 16,000 students from across the country participate in the program. The academy is a combination daycare center and preschool, and the buildings are used for various family daycare, educational and training events. The daycare centers hold the course materials and tools of the trade while the daycares provide the tools and care. In addition, firefighters and officers participate in various hands on training exercises.

The officers on duty at the time of the deaths are identified as having participated in operations at the scene of an EMS call, working to recover an injured firefighter. One officer, an arrestofficer, is pictured here with the ladder mounted to a pole during a mock fire. A knee mounted air tank climbs to approximately 16,500 square feet in size as the arresting officer directs traffic.

The mock fire is 43 feet in width and 38 feet deep. The mock building is secured on the interior at the top of the ramp by a single bolt, another performs the basic security tasks for the building, while the rear of the building is open and the front is closed. No utilities are provided in the building.

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