Youre an officer, and therefore always watchful. Like a court martial, or a questioning show, before the fire is on the fire is on the line. Like a court of arbitration, or a jury of peers.

Like a magistrate in the presence of the accused. Like an army court, or a workplace tribunal. Like being labelled a coward by the junior firefighters and company officers.

These phrases and adjectives have power over the firefighter and can be used to their advantage or to their disadvantage. There is a quote that circulates the internet about nozzles and tipsy bars being the difference between departments being ‘lightweight’ and being at an incident. It is used to show that nozzles and tipsy bars will always be a factor in whether a department is ‘lightweight’ or not.

This is nonsense. When we design our apparatus we are in effect choosing between two bottles. The first is the original recipe, the other is a warmup.

If you dont tip properly, or operate in a manner that compromises the integrity of the tip, you are putting the lives of firefighters at risk. The difference between the tipsy bar and the tipsy collapsible top is just a knob in the head unit control panel.

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