On this Memorial Day, while many of you may still be digesting the words from the FireRescue MagazineFirefighterNation.com article by Jim McCormack, FireRescue MagazineFirefighterNation.com HERE, take the time to reflect upon the last 15 years, the contributions and achievements of Lt. Christophe Bertrand and Firefighter James Bohan, who tragically died at the scene of a vacant apartment building fire, on June 17, 2007.

Remembering the tenacious firefighter who wore the shirt, wrote the book and acted in the classic Broadway show, Angels in the Bronx. Please help support the continued efforts of the NTSB, the FDNY and the Metropolitan Fire Departments in their pursuit of answers as to what happened. Find us on Google Captain Anonymous Doesn’t Ride Here Read our comment policy Bill Carey is the online public safety news and blog manager with PennWell Public Safety, or more specifically FireRescue MagazineFirefighterNation.

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com. Bill started in the fire service, as a third generation firefighter in 1986, on the eastern shore of Maryland and then continued after moving to Prince Georges County. He served as a volunteer sergeant and lieutenant at Hyattsville. Bills writing has been on Firehouse.

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