Its been a while since it took the time to write something. Part of that is because of life and part of that because the constant drone of fear in the air has wore me down. But the frustration is growing and I want to make a statement that should there ever be a repeat of last years event, the Chief will be in a position to prevent it.

Last year at this time, there were five fatalities listed under the activity type Advancing Hose LinesFire Attack. This year, in 2016, there are currently three fatalities listed under the activity type Advancing Hose LinesFire Attack. There was the Montana crew in trouble in May.

They were quickly removed and replaced by volunteers. Then, on 19 January, a crew from a different boat arrived at a fire in a residential neighborhood. The victim and his crew were from a different house and were operating in different areas of the city. They arrived at 2035 with a Montana crew and a Vermont crew.

The Crew from the Hood River crew was the first to arrive and, with a shout, ordered two engines, one ladder truck, one rescue, and one rescue waggon to move a hoseline into position. The victims nose was in the air and he knew he had a problem. His crew opened up and told the victim they had a medical emergency on their handsome, but they needed his crew to get the victim out.

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