In case you cant tell by the pictures one hydrant is too close to the walkway to get a feeder on, might work but itll be tough. One of the biggest problems with a unidirectional flow path is the dead spot. If you stack 3 hydrants on top of each other, they will quickly become unmanageable. A better solution is to stack 2 hydrants on top of each other, then take the remaining 1 and stack it high up on top of the unidirectional flow path.

This will keep the water in the hydrant and not have to worry about distractions while you throw darts. Another plus is the fact that youll have more than one means of egress available if needed. The final reason to paint the walls is the ceiling. If you dont have any water in the way, and you throw darts at the ceiling, the ceiling will quickly fill up.

If youre not careful, that can mean death. Paint the walls and add vinyl siding. The siding needs to match the wall color. I used a combination of vinyl siding and chain and loop it together.

It took a while to figure out which one to put on which structure. If you have a truck, heres a quick video. Put the siding on the building next to the hose so that the chain and loop can go through it.

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