This is the third post in a series on the same topic. See the Roundtable on for the first instalment and stay tuned for the second.

The information here and in the videos used to build the examples presented is very basic and the examples are all wrong. If someone is going to use the videos to build an argument they need to add more details and information without which the argument is made to begin with. If the video is shared more than two different ways, the authors say don’t cut and paste the text. If you must include the details ask the photographer to take a picture of the barrel in question or, better, a photo of the barrel in silhouette with the flash on.

Then, when you feel comfortable with the math ask the photographer to do the same thing with the flash off. We say this is simple but it isnt. To fully understand this video and the reasons given make sure to read the article as well as the comments in this thread and on Facebook.

If you must include the numbers 0 and 100 in your discussion ask the following at the end of the class or debate, the photographer must be at least 5 feet away from the barrel and the furthest away 2 feet from the flash. If you cannot stand the 500 and 1000 ISO situations then you need to understand what ISO is and isnt the difference.

Disclaimer: The preceding content was generated by an AI algorithm, trained on millions of points of data scoured from the web. It is constantly updating itself, but while some of the information presented in this article may be true, none of the facts have been verified.