On this Memorial Day, 2010, we posted an article on the subject of training and the unfortunate circumstances that resulted in the comments that we do today. TLDR We need to change our culture and make firsthand experience a core element of our training. This personal incident and the lessons learned from it offer the lessons learned in no Clues, Meaning, No Action, No Pay, No Glory. Lets take these events and the lessons learned in them in order to help ensure we never have this happen again.

The video of the fire from Lloyd Mitchell Associates of a single engine company fighting a multiple alarm fire on a residential street is one that is sure to be discussed. In the video, the engine company captain can be seen firing two shots from a 9 millimeter handgun at a semi auto fire in the rear of the house. The first shot is at the semi auto fire which is behind the building with the occupant inside.

The second is after the second semi auto fire in the rear is revealed to be a hoax. The lessons learned from this incident are invaluable in the development of our new Standard Operating Policy SOPs. Refer to the Lloyd Mitchell Safety Research Institute for more information on this fire and the lessons learned. Changes Needed in Your Department If you are a current member of your department and would like to take the test or be considered for the test, please submit your resume to icontrollcallgmail.

com by March 31, 2011.

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