Seattle fire and medical have a zero tolerance policy on fires and medical emergencies. If youre lucky enough to have an emergency medical assistance card, you are obviously in the right place. If not, youre really screwed. The fact that there was a delay in the response does not absolve you of your duties.

If youre lucky enough to have a card, the department has a wellnessfitness program you can go to and show your physical capabilities by participating in treadmill and aerobics conditioning. The department has a respiratory protection program, but you need to sign up for it. Then there is the occupational stress test. The occupational stress test is supposed to show you SOMETHING about your overall attitude, attitude, demeanor, and performance.

It doesnt matter what station you work at, youre still expected to show up at least once a month. This applies to the city and townsend positions, the positions with the most stringent testing and the positions with the least stringent testing. StressOverexertion and burnout are the leading cause of death in the fire service, yet only a very small percentage of these deaths is attributed to fire or medical emergencies.

If youre lucky enough to have a job, and good enough to test for, youre pretty much guaranteed to find someone you work with. Test your shit out, learn from each and every death, and remember no one dies easily.

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