See, I finally convinced you that while some departments have standards, others do not. I know firefighters from every department in my first several months as a firefighter, so I can speak to that. I have to stop and ask if you noticed that the engines and trucks in some departments are different than they were yesterday. Are you following along with the blogs or the podcasts? The podcasts are great but the only constant in the firehouse is constant learning.

With constant learning, and constant conversations about the concepts, I fear that the firehouse will become frustrated and lose its way. I also fear that I am wasting my tax money on needless podcasts. So as I said, Im no different from other firefighters, and there are some departments that, Im not aware of others that are.

In my first few months as a firefighter, I have to say Im not sure what is going on, but Im sure I have not spent a single second of my time on patrol in vain. I may spend more time on patrol, but that time could be better spent helping the students learn and discussing the concepts. Not that I mind paying the 10 or 20 minute presentations or even better, training the pump operator or firefighter on a basic technique of his own creation, but I fear that I may have to start from scratch every time with a whole new crew and possibly with a different engine company. Especially with rookies.

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