Building Construction and Systems The FireRescue Magazine article, The Father Knows Best, is an excellent discussion topic related to some of the issues that the fire service has to deal with when responding to structure fires. I will not go into detail on how this particular building was constructed, but will touch upon the issue of command management. There are numerous reports that the incident commander, in his capacity as the commanding officer of the fire, was not entirely clear on the command and was forced to make several poor calls.

First, he misread the situation on the fireground. He stated that the victims center was not involved in the fire, and that the victims PPE was not on fire. This was a terrible mistake on the part of the incident commanders who would not allow their personnel to operate without an understanding of the fire conditions that were encountered, the smoke reading and the hydrodynamic considerations.

The commanders also failed to recognize the significant other problems that existed, including the fact that there was an exterior wall fire in the loading dock at the rear of the building. There were numerous requests made to the interior crews to work out of the firehouse to try to alleviate the deficiencies identified, but no progress was made. The incident commanders also failed to understand the building occupancy, which required the crews to operate from the exterior only. It was not until a change in tactics and a reconsideration of tactics that the crews were finally allowed to operate inside the building.

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