In the last few months, I have been doing some per diem work as a monitor for the Firefighter Entry Level Physical Ability Test for the Civil Service Testing unit, a division of the Massachusetts Department of Personnel Administration Human Resources Division between that, the Fire Academy and the changes here in my Department. As a member of the Fire Academy, I participated in the Firefighter Readiness course and was a mentor to the students, some of whom are at the Fire Academy, others are in the Fire Training Academy. It has been a while since my Firefighter Entrance Exam was my first attempt at the job. The last time I took the Firefighter Entry Level Physical Ability Test was back in January of 2010.

It cost about 11900 in direct USFA costs, or about 2300 in UTAs combined with applicable tax and related paperwork. The test was for those newly hired as Firefighter Instructors and Examiners only. There were 11 eligible students that participated in the test. My motivation for writing this is twofold.

Firstly, I want the students to know my philosophy on physical conditioning and conditioning in the Fire Service. Secondly, I want the students to see my commitment to educating them and those potential recruits on the dangers of physical injury and death while doing fire duty. I have tried many times to pass this test, but I believe my current grasp on the subject is flawed.

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