I am a selfprofessed car and airplane geek. I was on the computer Sunday morning on one in the car websites that I subscribe to and an article about the nine most technologically advanced ways to drive and fly was one of the stories on the site and the inspiration for this article. There is a fascination with advanced technology in the fire service.

Whether it is the FAST Truck, the lightweight all metal truck that carries all the equipment to be deployed quickly, the fancy new gear that adds hours to the job or the much more affordable gear that many departments are using to power their HD videos. The problem is that the fire service isnt going anywhere without fire showing up. Sure, there are tactical items such as tourniquets that we throw out there as realism, but a department should be able to recognize a fire in advance and prepare accordingly. The tactical items must be available if and when the department deems it necessary, and not something that is thrown out there because someone said, hey, this is the way we have always done it.

The car and the experience that it brings along with it are what is needed at the fire. The article that I have in mind is the result of a research effort that involved thousands of hours of data culled from various sources. It is meant to give departments a better understanding of how we operate and think about how we would operate in the same places, with the same people, using the same tactics.

Disclaimer: The preceding content was generated by an AI algorithm, trained on millions of points of data scoured from the web. It is constantly updating itself, but while some of the information presented in this article may be true, none of the facts have been verified.