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Kollinger / Pixabay

The fireground often has competing or conflicting incident priorities, demands or distractions before a complete appreciation of all mission critical or essential information and data has been obtained. The effective assessment of the incident scene is much more than the threesided sizeup methodology of past fireground practices.

In fact the term rubble type, when used with knowledge and confidence, has been misinterpreted and misused by many to describe a completely normal building or structure. This is false. The term comes from the video game Risk, where the goal is to not lose the game by being overrun by the first unwelcome arrival of the game’s enemy, The Bunny. As Lt. Col Grossman explains in the video, this is why he coined the term panic and why he uses it when referring to the tendency to cut corners on the fireground.

The inverted triangle at the beginning of the video is a prime example of a product of Reed College’s Antenna system and antennae research. According to Grossman the goal of the research was not to create a more powerful fire department with the development of an expensive new tool for the Antenna Commander to use.

Rather the goal of the research was to understand how communications between firefighters and the effect their communications on each others and the incident commander.Grossman and his research team, while studying fire behavior, discovered two things that proved to be extremely important in managing any incident.First, communications between firefighters and the incident commander were not just as simple as they were in the early 1980s.

Fires did not have to escalate to the point of a direct assault to the fire building. In fact, if a firefighter were to simply grab a nozzle and scream for the incident commander at the same time he or she would be perceived as more of a hindrance than an aid.Furthermore, conversations between firefighters and the incident commander were not just offensive but also detrimental to firefighter and incident safety.If a firefighter utters the phrase, ‘I am concerned about my safety, my families safety,

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