The amount of paper that is used to certify that a document meets certain minimum requirements is surprisingly small. For example, a national fire survey of commercial building managers found that only 3.4 percent of the documents they handled met the minimum requirements.

A fire departments can use the documents as a benchmark for themselves. If they find that the documents are not meeting the minimum requirements, they can request a copy of the final version and send it to the applicant. A fire department can also use the information from the documents as it relates to training, plans, and drills.

Common sense, Im sure, but if there is a requirement to go to another level of detail, the imagination goes a long way. I suggest, for example, that when a firefighter finds a hole in the first floor of a story, that firefighter may start looking for the levels in the stairwell as well.

The bottom line is that if you are going to use the information from the reports, make it a goal to at least 2. Have at least 1 person on each company go through the hole and talk to all floors and the capability needs to be addressed. Getting everyone up to speed on the latest bulletin is key to making everyone aware of what is happening.

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