As a Company Officer, at some point in your career, you will come to that critical decision. Whether you are called upon to perform emergency services or lead your company in combat, you must make that decision and weigh the options against the severity of the situation. Sometimes, the choice is not easy but, in some cases, it is not life or death.

It is critical that you do not allow the situation to dictate your decisions. You must make that determination and operate based on it. Sometimes, the fire department will provide you with a list of suggested qualifications if you are not on their initial radar screen.

While this may be, in some cases, a onetime use for which you could not refuse, for others, a lifelong commitment. There is no excuse for not being on the initial radar. Check with your Company Officer for requirements that are out of your normal practice or training and assess the risks and benefits of remaining on the initial radar screen.

It does not make any sense to operate without being on the radar, especially if the reason for not being on the initial radar is because you think the risk is worth it. Danger Zones are populated with highly trained firefighters who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep everyone out of harms way. While some of these firefighters may not operate in a reckless manner, they may be operating in a more careless manner than others.

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