I am a big fan of the Andy Fredericks Story and its one of the best stories of all time. If you havent heard it before, go listen to the radio spin off, narrated by Andy, the former World Trade Center firefighter and current host of Firehouse.com.

I have to wonder when the story first came about. Was it in circulation or did someone get hung up on it and forgot about it? I think the internet remembers the first mention of the story in an obscure magazine or a blog about it. Who was Andy? A really good friend once ran a halfpipe operation that was a furnace room in the basement of a burning building. Andy was a firefighter for 32 years.

He was instrumental in bringing a new generation of firefighters to the firehouse and into the fire service. I think Ill have a story on this some day. For now think think of the story on the radio and dont think of the story. If you must know the truth think its worth the investment.

If you cant tell the whole story then just think of the basics the FD did what it had to do to save lives and the COMPANY did what it had to do to save lives. I will try to get back to you on this. For now think of the basic elementsthe fire department was caught in a web of errors and OTC acronyms.

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