In the past, we have used pictures of the FDNYs war years as a basis for discussion. The problem with these is that while they do have some relevance, they dont quite tell the whole story. Some of the stories they do relate are not entirely false, such as this from the late AAA New Jersey, Summer of ’41, describing a brush fire and building collapse as the result of a defecation block that a munitions disposal team removed, noting that no one was inside of the building at the time of the collapses.

Others, such as this from the Chicago Tribune, are completely made up, dating the story to 2003, when the article was written, and adding more details to it from news reports that the fire was brought under control in an hour, was brought under control in 36 minutes, and was declared under control in an hour and a half. This isnt the most comprehensive or accurate way to go about things, and for that we are truly sorry. This does not reflect well on the fire department. In another example of faulty information coming from a news report, a report from the New Jersey State Fire Bureau stated that a call about a building collapse at 30 Dowling Circle went to voicemail instead of being transmitted to the fire department, adding that the victim had vomited in his seat and was overcome once EMS personnel removed him.

This is obviously false.

Disclaimer: The preceding content was generated by an AI algorithm, trained on millions of points of data scoured from the web. It is constantly updating itself, but while some of the information presented in this article may be true, none of the facts have been verified.