Media access is not a privilege but a requirement for members of law enforcement and fire departments. As a member and former member of both private and career departments, I have had numerous opportunities to speak with and learn from people who were or are members of the media. While I can state categorically that the information I have provided is 100 correct, I have had the opportunity to speak with and learn from people who were either victims or speakers at more than one incident. With this in mind, it is logical that when I make reference to the mainstream media, I also include victims of crime in this context.

The issue here, as with everything I discuss, is this the responsibility of the media to inform, not inform, when reporting on the issue. If the mainstream media was to simply report on the victims appearance or condition, the victims appearance or condition would be overlooked and the public would be kept ignorant. Dont tell the Victim Don’t tell the Victim I repeat, dont tell them what happened they will die. On Thursday, December SissySissyNews with Dennis Prager, from a column written by my good friend Mike Dugan, is here for your viewing and download.

This is a must read for all fire service members, Company and Command Officers. If you are a performer, youre a real fireman. If you are a real firefighter, you are a firefighter.

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