The area of the fire that you respond to has to be able to absorb the energy of the fire without producing too much heat. A good bashed roof is an excellent bashed roof. A bit more work needs to be done to get the roof looking good but bashing it will get the job done. If the bashing is too hot, it will be difficult to control the heat and you will have to resort to additional tactics.

A hot spot needs to be identified and limited to that area. Anything that restricts flow to that area will also restrict the ability of the hose line to flow where it has to travel further, potentially affecting the success of the hose line in its travel. It is critical that you identify and limit the areas that the hose line has to travel to while controlling the heat.

Hose line control will be compromised if the hose line is controlled in any way other than stream control. There is no way to know how hot a room will be until you let the hose line run in front of you. With a stream coming from the front and a line in the ceiling, youll be controlling the heat in that room.

With a hose line controlling the heat in the room and control gone through the hose line, youll be controlling the flow of heat and air within the room.

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