The recruit riding with the company intially at the new fire engine startup, which is located in the rear of the building, he was unwilling to let go of and was clawing at the ground behind the apparatus. During a brief exchange, the firefighter was caught on a porch swing trying to force the hand tool from under the coat pocket of his pants. After being caught, the victim was put in the porch to be picked up by someone else and transported to the hospital. The department has since issued a report that details the incident and the corrections efforts.

A video of the incident was also posted, showing the moment the whistle blows for the second alarm at 220 Hickory. At 240 Hickory, and with a report of a smoke developing on the second floor, the first engine from the 1st Battalion goes to work on the fire in the first floor of the building. The truck from the 1st Battalion stops and makes a pit stop at the front door where they wait for the smoke to clear. Fire in the first floor of the building is coming from the landing of the first floor, not the upper floors.

The fire in the first floor has consumed most of the building and only the exposed beams and beams with protected venting are burning. The engine company has until they clear the porch roof to move forward. The victim and the firefighter exchanged small talk about the incident and the corrections efforts.

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