Did you catch the earlier post? The Point Fantastique article is on why some firefighters find the job so taxing and tiresome, and why they prefer to avoid real training while at the same time maligning others for their laziness. The gist is the Im busy working and Im not spending quality time with you people wasting your precious time. The Fantastique post includes a link to a 45second video report of an apartment fire in a low income area of New York City.

The report, an honest mistake, wasnt intended to be a critique of the firefighters actions but of the false premises on the first floor, without the knowledge or assumption that the resident had died of his injuries. The pitiful description of the fire as a vacant brownstone was obviously written as a death investigation took place and without considering the true facts. Were it a vacant building, with or without occupied units, the fire would have been reported as such and the investigation would have been fruitless. What the report failed to mention is that two years prior to the fatality, the NYPD investigated an adjoining building fire on the same floor as the fire on the first floor.

Nothing showed up in the PIT that indicated a problem with smoke or fire or exposure to oxygen.

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