On 21 December 2011 a vacancy occurred in the Burlington Fire Department. Within a short period of time a number of firefighters became aware of the situation. An email exchange concerning a possible appointment for a Lieutenant or Captain was initiated and a search for the required information was begun. During these searches Lieutenant and Captain Ric Jorges communications with the firefighters occurred in an area of concern.

During the course of the email exchange specific questions about the volunteer line status and specific tasks were accomplished in an effort to confirm or determine if the individuals were indeed in the correct departments. During the course of this email communication it was realized that the individuals were operating at a distance from the fire and were not considered as part of the public safety response via a distance of 10 or more miles. Accordingly, a second alarm was dispatched and additional units were dispatched with the intention of supporting an incoming hoseline. This resulted in the arrival of a fully involved upstairs fire in a dwelling.

The fire was determined to be accidental and sprung into existence out of nowhere. No personnel were injured and all residences in the structure were spared from total collapse. This incident occurred in a residential structure and did not impact the overall fire ground performance. The victims Activity Type was listed as Advancing Hoselines.

The Last Action of the Sector was to call an AssistFirefighter due to a Problem identified with a foreshortened hoseline. This incident resulted in the Line Officer and the other members of Sector 1 being injured during an apparatus crash.

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