There are many benefits to using training simulators!

Benefits of Training Simulators

  • Available 24/7 – catch up on missed training, prepare for upcoming events, practice for upcoming tests, keep your entire department’s skillset fresh and ready for action.
  • No mess to clean up, no exposure to carcinogens, no polluting the environment.
  • Introduce a younger generation to firefighting
  • Train the same skills you normally do, without weeks or months of preparation
  • Virtual reality training has shown to lessen learning curves of new skills, decrease error rates in performance, and nearly double the memory retention of traditional means.
  • Low risk training in a controlled, consistent environment.
  • More than 1/10 firefighter fatalities happen during training – help prevent your team members from becoming another tragic statistic.
  • Very low manpower requirements to run complex and involved scenarios.
  • Run through exercises unlimited times.. burn props over and over or destroy a never-ending supply of cars.
  • Adherence to NFPA guidelines to achieve standardized training.
  • Train your broader community – take your system to schools or community events to train the public, teachers, students, and  more with basic firefighting skills.
  • Real-time pass/fail feedback for each critical step of each exercise helps to reinforce correct procedures.
  • A small mistake or missed step can be the difference between saving or losing a life, both for firefighters and the people you are there to help.
  • The costs and damage done by an injury or death could far outweigh the price of buying your own simulator.