ChatGPT Now Available

We’ve leveraged the power of ChatGPT to have real-time AI generated responses from your in-sim Fire Instructor. It’s truly remarkable stuff! Available for all custom solutions.

PASSTHRU Update Notes:

We are proud to present Extinguish: Fire Extinguisher Training now available for FREE on the Meta Quest App Lab. This is a fantastic training tool for all ages and experience levels. Use it for Corporate training, Public Education events, Firefighting & Safety expos and more!

PassThru Instructions:

Fires will spawn on couchs and desks in your room and spread up your walls.  It is up to you to extinguish the fire before it grows out of control.

  • First, configure your Room Setup. (Currently found in the Quest Menu – Settings – Experimental – Room Setup). Follow the instructions to setup your room and include Walls, Couches and Desks.   If you see a canister fire during PassThru mode, it means your ‘Room Setup’ is not setup correctly.
  • To have fire in one specific area (i.e. you are staging a scenario) setup your room to include walls and then just one single couch in the designated location for your fire.
  • You can reposition the Extinguisher Stand by re-centering your headset (long-press Oculus button).

Note: This is only a simulated training tool and should not be used in conjunction with any form of live-fire training.

Click here to view the app on the Meta Quest App Lab.

Fires can spread quickly, doubling in size every minute. This is why seconds count in emergencies. Training and preparation are vital for a quick response time… so why not improve your fire suppression skills from the safety and comfort of your Virtual Environment?

Practice using the P.A.S.S. method – Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep – to extinguish one of 8 randomly generated fires. Trigger the Fire Alarm to alert your colleagues and notify the Fire Department.

  • ✔ 8 Training scenarios
  • ✔ Voice tips and help videos
  • ✔ Unlimited training opportunities

The easiest way to install this App on a Quest Headset is to follow these instructions:

  1. Put on your VR headset
  2. Open the Quest Browser app and navigate to    (our URL shortener for this page)
  3. Click the Extinguisher Banner Image to open the article about our App
  4. From this page, click the link to view the App on the Meta Quest App Lab
  5. Install the App – it will appear in your library next to your other Apps and Games
  6. Be sure to rate the app… Thank you!!


Click here to view the app on the Meta Quest App Lab.